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When the late, great Cawood Ledford called UK games on the radio, fans famously watched the telecasts with the sound down and listened to the "Voice of the Wildcats" describe what they were seeing.

Apparently, UK play-by-play man Tom Leach merits the same treatment. The Herald-Leader has received calls from fans wondering why there's a gap between what the TV shows and what Leach describes.

Michael Jordan, director of operations for Clear Channel-Lexington explained: There's an eight-second gap because that's the time required for the radio signal to be encoded for use in digital broadcast. The gap appears only on the FM dial or WBUL 98.1 "The Bull" in Lexington.

Digital has two advantages: There's better sound and it allows the broadcast to go on many more stations, for instance satellite radio.

"Unfortunately, the delay happens in the encoding process," Jordan said. "There's nothing we can do."

Clear Channel began encoding the signal with the UK-Mississippi State football game, Jordan said. So far, there have been a handful of complaints.

If you want a real-time broadcast, you should listen to the games on the AM dial (WLAP 630 in Lexington).

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Tom Leach Productions Note: For fans with TiVo (or a similar device), they can sync up the radio broadcast with TV by using the function to pause the live signal briefly and return to viewing as the broadcast is in line with the game time.

Info on the Sport Sync Radio. which allows you to hear the radio broadcast while watching the game on TV, can be found here - Sports Sync


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