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May 28th

future UK coach Rick Pitino still had not made up his mind on taking the head coaching job at Kentucky. Executive Vice President of Madison Square Garden Jack Diller claims to have told Pitino that he only gave permission for he and UK to "talk". For some reason, I guess Mr. Diller thought they would simply be having dinner instead of discussing the UK coaching job. Pitino said, "Nothing else was ever said to me by Jack Diller. To me that meant that if they offered the job and I decided to go, I could go." He later added, "I've always had permission to leave. If I don't get it, I'll stay."

May 27th

former Kentucky forward Larry Steele was named head coach of the University of Portland. Steele was a first-team All-SEC player during his time with the Cats. Although he had never coached a game before in his life, Portland gave him a shot after spending nine seasons playing for the Portland Trail Blazers. The new head coach played three seasons for the University, and averaged just over 10 PPG. Steele later led the NBA in steals in 1974, and averaged 10 PPG during the Portland title run in 1977. On October 11, 1981, his jersey was retired during a halftime ceremony in Portland.

May 26th

the New York Knicks said today that Rick Pitino was under contract and needed to be granted permission in order to leave the team. They also announced they would make Kentucky compensate them for any money lost in a new coach search. To which C.M. Newton said, "Hey, I got an idea. How bout you go _______ yourself," or something to that effect. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported Pitino's contract would be worth $5 million over seven years in base salary. Years later, he would turn his back on Big Blue Nation and "allegedly" have an affair with his ball boy's wife.

May 25th

your University of Kentucky Wildcat courts were apparently in session as three of its biggest faces in recent memory were all in the news for court related matters. The three faces: Billy Clyde Gillispie, Jonathan Henry Wall, and Jonathan Henry Calipari.

Billy Gillispie: No. Its not what you think. We'll talk about the golfing incident later in the summer. BCG was in the news because he sued the University of Kentucky Athletics Association for "breach of contract". The "contract" is the same "contract" as the one in "contract he never signed".

John Wall: Plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of breaking and entering into a vacant house in Raleigh with two friends. This, of course, is absurd, as the police saw he and his friends leaving a house that had no damage and nothing missing.

John Calipari: Coach Cal was in the news again. This time for allegations of a three ring circus he was running in Memphis. The NCAA caught John Calipari on video taking the SAT for Derrick Rose. He was actually in a Derrick Rose mask and was found out leaving testing area, similar to how a Scooby-Doo villian gets nabbed.

May 24th

your University of Kentucky all-time great Tayshaun Prince came from out of nowhere to block Reggie Miller's potential game-tying layup. The block clinched Game 2 for the Pistons, 72-67, in the Eastern Conference Finals. Prince's star continued to rise during the 2004 NBA Playoffs, helping the Pistons capture their only NBA Championship during their semi-dynastic run.

May 23rd

your University of Kentucky Wildcats football team received some bad news as defensive end Jeremy Jarmon was suspended for the 2009 season after testing positive for an NCAA banned substance. This was a huge blow for a team that was going to lean heavily on its defense. The offense was very inexperienced and the defense was full of experienced lettermen. The Cats still ended with a better record than I had anticipated for the 2009 campaign, but one has to wonder what they would've been with Jarmon on the line. Coach Steve Brown had to work his magic to get some brand new players to step up in Jarmon's absence. The suspension ended Jarmon's career at Kentucky, as an appeal had been heard but denied. The bad news ended there as he was now available for the NFL Supplemental Draft. The Washington Redskins quickly nabbed JJ and the rest is history, however recent it may be.

May 22nd

your University of Kentucky Wildcats received some criticism from a friend in Minnesota as former point guard Saul Smith let his feelings be known about the hiring of John Calipari. And, surprisingly, Jerry Tipton was the guy doing the interview. I'm convinced Saul was simply trying to get some publicity before the new #11 put everyone else who wore the number out to pasture. His Facebook quote:

“Bad bad day for my alma mater,” Smith wrote on Thursday. “The UK athletic program will never regain its true champion nature with Businessmen running it. Never, no matter how many so called blue chip players you bring in. You can’t sacrifice your integrity for success. You just can’t do it. I’m an alum and I deserve a clean-ran program, plain and simple. Period, and if anyone disagrees, you, my friend, shouldn’t support the program I played 4.”

That last part makes him better than you because his Dad let him play on the team. Tipton then got a few quotes from him saying, "Coach Cal is my guy," and “I don’t think he knew about (the Derrick Rose situation), so he says.” Saul later said everything was taken out of context, but his daddy didn't "pay" for players. The Facebook quote was then mysteriously deleted and Saul went back to his life of irrelevance.


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future UK coach Rick Pitino still had not made up his mind on taking the hea...
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