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May 6th

Richard Pitino resigns from the University of Kentucky under the cover of nighttime, and slithers his way on up to Boston to destroy one of the most storied franchises in the NBA. It probably didn't come as a complete surprise to UK fans, but the feeling of your college team losing its leader, in the middle of an historical run, still upsets me. No less than five Boston television stations carried Pitino's UK resignation news conference (during the day). Immediately, Wildcat fans turned the page and have never looked back, totally understanding Pitino's motives that day. Speculation on who the next coach would be immediately filled the airwaves with the consensus looking at former Pitino assistant, University of Georgia head coach Orlando "Tubby" Smith. Tubby would inherit the Comeback Cats and lead the team to its 7th National Championship the following spring. To this day, most all Kentucky fans have forgiven Richard Pitino for the events of this day just thirteen years ago. And if you're free this weekend, don't forget to watch The Extortioner, Friday's on CBS!

May 5th

your University of Kentucky Wildcats were getting a point guard they sorely needed as word started spreading of an impending commitment from an Alabama kid simply wanting to "get shit right." No one really knew what Eric Bledsoe was talking about, but we knew he was a top-rated point guard in the Class of 2009 and filled a hole we needed badly. He had no competition for the starting point guard spot, and had a few monsters down low (in fellow Alabaman DeMarcus Cousins and legend Patrick Patterson). The Gillispie Era was over and the new roster was really starting to take shape. One thing our new coach let everyone know: If you're going to be a Kentucky Wildcat, your better have freaky ability or you aren't playing.

May 4th

your University of Kentucky Wildcat fans swarmed Memorial Coliseum dumpsters once word broke UK was replacing the floor and throwing the old one away. Kentucky.com broke the story and within hours a steady line of cars formed, dying to snatch up a piece of the splintered maple floor. By 9:00pm the same evening, the dumpster was completely empty as the "rabid UK fan base" wanted to get a piece of history. The University saved the keys, center court, lanes, and nearly 700 square feet, including the spot where Kentucky's Vernon Hatton made a shot in double overtime to help the Cats take down Temple.


... in 2007, some "rabid" Kentucky extremist fans started showing their impatience with Patrick Patterson as he continued to drag out his recruitment. Everyone knows how this turned out, right? Just two years later, these same extremists started showing their disapproval of the time it was taking Freak Show point guard Jonathan Henry Wall to make his decision on where he would go to college. I'm almost certain that is not his real name, but it came off the tongue easy, so we're sticking with it. In conclusion, whenever you see/hear one of these people in public, feel free to smack them upside the head.

May 3rd

your University of Kentucky Wildcat great Frank Ramsey was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Known as the "Kentucky Colonel", the 6'3" guard from Madisonville was best known for virtually creating the role of Sixth Man in basketball. Ramsey was a three time All-American, was a member of the 1951 NCAA Championship team, and led UK's 1954 team to a 25-0 record. He currently sits #26 on the all-time scoring list, compiling 1344 points in just three years. Frank Ramey also was a key cog for the Celtic's dynastic run of NBA Championships. He ended his career with seven titles, including six straight from 1959-1964. Ramsey had 18 points off the bench, retired later that summer on top of the world.

May 2nd

your University of Kentucky Wildcats were told "no" by Seton Hall head coach P.J. Carlesimo after mulling over the head coaching job for a few days. Of course, to save face, UK says the job was never officially offered. Where have I heard this before? Carlesimo had just led the Pirates to the NCAA title game. From this point on, no one really knows what happened to Mr. Carlesimo, as he apparently went back to a life of irrelevance. Either that, or he tried to fight the Predator monster and lost. This decision would put the Wildcats on a new search for a head coach, leading to a slick-haired car salesman with a penchant for Italian eateries. His name: Richard Pitino. The Extortionee, Friday's on CBS!

May 1st

your University of Kentucky Wildcats guard/forward Pat Riley was selected 7th overall in the NBA Draft by the San Diego Rockets. Riley is a six time NBA Champion -- once as a player (1972), and five times as a coach (1982, '85, '87-'88, and 2006). Many people forget that Riley was drafted as a flanker by the Dallas Cowboys in the 11th round of the NFL Draft. One of the most versatile athletes in this era, Riley helped lead Kentucky to the 1966 NCAA title game, falling to UTEP. Pat Riley is one of the most well-known Kentucky alumni, as he has been a Blue face for many decades of the NBA.

April 30th

your University of Kentucky Wildcats were in the middle of a coaching search and rumors were spreading like wild fire (through telegraph/horse & buggy) that P.J. Carlesimo was going to be the next coach of your Kentucky Wildcats. Though UK denied it, many believed the job was Carlesimo's to take, fresh off a championship game appearance with Seton Hall. Carlesimo spent April 26th meeting with University President David Roselle and Athletic Director C.M. Newton. Reports had Carlesimo being offered $600,000/year, triple his Seton Hall salary. Who knows how this would have changed the history of UK basketball, but it certainly would have been a letdown, looking back on everything. These rumor mongers from 1989 have since produced offspring that blog about Billy Donovan being the next UK coach, Coach Cal making it rain, and John Wall trying to choose what he's gonna eat for breakfast.


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