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April 19th

University of Kentucky alumnus, actress, angel, poster hottie, and superfan Ashley Judd was born. From her pictures on the InterWebs, I will say I'm in the boat that says she has aged really well. Don't go telling too many people today is her birthday, as her Hollywood actress birthday is July 23, 1974. Ashley is most famous for her movies with Morgan Freeman and being the damsel in distress. She is also an AIDS activist, sister/daughter of The Judds, and looks very good in blue. AJ attended UK in the late 80's and early 90's, during the "Pitino's Bombinos" era. Judd is currently attending Harvard University getting a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration. It was great to see Ashley around the program again this season and we hope to see her again this upcoming season, as she makes Big Blue Nation cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

April 18th

your former University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball head coach and current Louisville ring leader Richard Pitino told the Federal Bureau of Investigation of an elaborate plan to extort him. The elaborate plan apparently involved Pitino himself having sexual intercourse at a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. What's that? Oh, he did that on his own? Now that's just gross. Anyway, a crazy lady with some crazy eyes decided she didn't like it when the married Pitino didn't want to have anything to do with her afterwards. What's the lesson here? You've got to learn to keep the crazy in your pants and off the dinner table.

April 17th

the two senators from Kentucky got it right. Mitch McConnell and Wendell Ford sponsored a motion, following our sixth National Championship, declaring Kentucky to be "rightly known as the basketball capital of the world." Ford's speech went a lil' something like this:

"They rib us for taking our basketball too seriously in Kentucky. And apocryphal stories, about fans being buried in their Wildcat sweatsuits or calling on Coach Pitino to help settle their marital spats, sometimes make it seem so."

There were no objections to the resolution and there weren't even objections from the senators of North Carolina, Kansas, Indiana, and California.

In conclusion, we are not only the "Horse Capital of the World", but also the "Basketball Capital of the World", putting us one step closer to world domination. At least the senators of the great Commonwealth got their priorities straight on this day.

April 16th

your University of Kentucky Wildcats were in the news yet again, but this time it was indirectly. T. Boone Pickens and Oklahoma State did its best Kentucky impersonation by booting Sean Sutton as their head coach and replacing him with Travis Ford. Ford started coaching at Campbellsville, moved up to Eastern Kentucky, then bolted to Massachusetts. An interesting tidbit: the prospect of playing behind Sean Sutton at Kentucky was the reason Ford started his college career at Missouri. After the scandal of the late 80's, the Sutton's left town, opening the point guard spot for Ford, who led UK to a Final Four appearance in 1993. Apparently it was an upgrade.

April 15th

your University of Kentucky Wildcats had a very public and busy day under new head coach John Calipari. The newly anointed one made the rounds on ESPN, ending with "Five Good Minutes" on PTI with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. The Wildcat faithful were amazed to have a coach want to be in the public, giving them signs of the 1990s brand of basketball. Calipari also held practice for the first time with his new team to get a feel on who would be a good fit and who would not. All in all, the team would totally be made over. One of the first things that happened after the practice was Coach Cal handed out the shirts Nike had made for Jodie Meeks' historic game vs. Tennessee. The previous coach had not given them to the team due to..........well, nobody knows for certain. Maybe because he's a golfer. This day in 2009 is also significant because DeMarcus "Boogie", "Big Cuz", "Carl" Cousins officially committed to play basketball in Lexington. He immediately became a fan favorite because everyone was scared to death of him. But at least he was on our side.

April 14th

your University of Kentucky Wildcats changed its mind and decided to offer John Pelphrey a scholarship (GASP!). UK seemed to be skeptical about the talent of the red-haired kid from Paintsville. That is, until he was named Mr. Kentucky Basketball. Just two weeks earlier, Eddie Sutton and his staff said they would only take on one more player, and were going hard after Memphis' Elliot Perry (w/ goggles). The rest lives in UK history, as Pelphrey became one of the most beloved and popular players in the last 25 years. He currently sits at 31st on the all-time Kentucky scoring list and consistently gets named as a possible replacement every time we need a new basketball coach.

April 13th

Kentucky head coach Adolph Rupp was in enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. Rupp coached 41 seasons at UK, retiring as the all-time winningest coach in college basketball with 876 victories and a record winning percentage of .822. Kentucky won four National Titles while he was the head man, one NIT title, appeared in 20 NCAA tournaments, and won 27 SEC titles. Not a bad day at the office, huh? Coach Rupp saw 24 players become All-Americans, 28 play in the NBA, and 8 of his players won gold medals. Rupp attended the University of Kansas from 1919-1923 and played basketball under coaching great Forrest "Phog" Allen and assistant/inventor of basketball James Naismith.


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