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July 24th

Kentucky legend Tony Delk signed a three-year deal with the Charlotte Hornets, who selected him with the 16th overall pick in 1996. The shooting guard was named Most Outstanding Player in the 1996 Final Four, and finished his career fourth in all-time scoring for the storied program...........FOURTH. Just in case you forgot how awesome Delk was, there's no way a 6'1" shooting guard goes 16th anytime soon. Delk most memorable game in the NBA was while he was in Phoenix. He dropped 53 on the Kings in 2000. He is currently on the new staff at your University and is long overdue to have a jersey retired.

July 23rd

the Joe B. & Denny Show starting airing live in Lexington. The former rival coaches had began their show in March of 2004 and within a year had been picked up by 21 stations. The show hasn't even lost steam six years later, as it continues to be a highly rated show across the Commonwealth. The two often trade jabs and go 10-15 seconds without uttering a word. The best show was on the way to the 2006 Music City Bowl against Clemson. They were doing the show live from an RV on the way to Nashville and seemed to be having a very good time. I'm almost positive they weren't driving.

July 22nd

your University of Kentucky Wildcats pulled a fast one on the Utes with a bet of epic proportions. After the Cats took down Utah in the National Championship, 78-69, the Utah Geological Survey had to send a 550 million year-old fossil to the Kentucky Geological Survey. The fossil was concentrated on a slab of Limestone. I'm fairly certain all Utah did was FedEx some kid's pet rock to Lexington claiming it was a bazillion years old. Utah had the last laugh, though, as exactly 11 years to the day, Lexington announced they would be shutting down South Limestone for a year for construction. Coincidence?

July 21st

36 year-old Mr. Wildcat was hired as the University of Kentucky's assistant equipment manager. Bill Keightley, a former Marine who served in World War II and current member of the U.S. Postal Service was asked to help out equipment manager George Hukle. It was a part-time job for the Lawrenceburg, KY native, about four hours a day. From this date on, Mr. Wildcat was a part of the richest tradition in college basketball. Keightley was an All-State center as a senior for Kavanaugh High School in 1944. The rest is history.

July 20th

alumni pickup games were the flavor of the month as Kenny "Sky" Walker battled current and former Cats in full-court games. One team Walker faced was made up of Kyle Macy, Charles Hurt, Dirk Minniefield, Vince Sanford, and Rick Robey. Walker had played in the National Sports Festival a few weeks earlier and was named MVP after going for 24 pts - 8 rebs in the Championship game for the South squad. The coach for the South that day.........Mike Kryzsdhlsuaiheaski.

July 19th

the University of Kentucky self-reported a secondary NCAA violation due to its rabid, foaming at the mouth fanbase. Fans stormed Patrick Patterson's Myspace page trying to convince him to come to Lexington. Patterson was sent lewd photos and borderline creepy messages from people like this, this, and this. Our own fans posted how Kentucky players gained special privileges around town and on campus. And while everyone knows that may be the case, we're the only fanbase stupid enough to shout it out for everyone to hear. Ultimately, nothing really came of it and we landed Patterson. On the other hand, it is said to be the reason DeAndre Jordan crossed UK off his list first. Years later, fans would once again use this tactic on highly ranked recruit John Wall. Two outta three aint bad!

July 18th

a future University of Kentucky star was born in Louisville, KY, as the one and only Derek Anderson came into the world. Anderson played for Doss High while stationed in "Da Ville" before moving on to Columbus, OH, and the Buckeyes. His first season in the Blue & White came during the 1995-96 campaign, as he was a member of the second best team in America: the Kentucky bench. The uber-athletic Anderson will always be remembered for cramming on Indiana and Louisville and the fun he had doing it. Big Blue Nation was one DA knee injury away from having a mini-dynasty from 1996-98, as the senior's season was limited to only 19 games. He scored exactly 337 points in each of his season's in Lexington, and his stats as a whole almost mirrored each other in half as many games. The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted DA with the 14th pick in the 1997 NBA Draft. Anderson's most recent notoriety came as he made a documentary about the '96 Cats entitled "Untouchables".


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July 24th, 1996
Kentucky legend Tony Delk signed a three-year deal with the Charlotte Hornet...
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