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August 6th 2013

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"Act as if ye have faith and faith shall be given to you."  Sounds like a bible verse but it's actually a line penned by "brother" Aaron Sorkin in an episode of the TV, "The West Wing" and perhaps that's the approach the veteran UK players have taken.  It wouldn't be surprising to see rookies walking around Media Day with an air of confidence but the feeling was pervasive throughout all of the team during yesterday's interviews.  On the radio show this morning, Larry Vaught talked about making the same observation.  He's covered a few more of these than me and we both agreed that the confidence seemed genuine, because when you've covered a lot of college players, you can often tell when they're trying to convince themselves of what they're saying as opposed to truly believing it.

Bad news out of practice today about cornerback J.D. Harmon not being with the team.  That's a position with big-time question marks already and now the Cats just got thinner.  JuCo transfer Nate Willis can help there, once he gets ruled eligible by the NCAA, and Vaught reported today that Willis is optimistic that will happen very soon.  It was also noteworthy that D-coordinator D.J. Eliot said Kory Brown had moved ahead of Miles Simpson at one of the OLB positions.  Brown is a guy whose skill set may fit better into this scheme than the previous one.

And check out the latest video interviews with Max Smith talking about his shoulder and DE's Za'Darius Smith and Bud Dupree talking about their thoughts on the upcoming season.  Click here

--by Tom Leach


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