BBN buzz: decision day for QB job?

August 20th 2013

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by Tom Leach
There are plenty of guesses/assumptions about the quarterback job for Kentucky's football opener v. WKU next week, but chances are the coaches have not made their final call yet if they are heading back to Commonwealth Stadium for another scrimmage session today.  Mark Stoops said yesterday that it's down to two (conventional wisdom says Whitlow and Smith are the two) but it also seems clear that the decision about who to start is still not finalized.  Remember that offensive coordinator Neal Brown has also said the first deciding factor is who does the best job of getting the team into the endzone and one can assume that whichever QB does the best job of that today, in the context of which defensive unit they're facing (1's or 2's), will be the one to start.  And the number three guy needs to stay ready, given the notion that Whitlow will be doing some running and Smith has an iffy shoulder situation.  One thing that seems clear to me is that those big plays that have been missing from the UK offense in the past two years will be crucial to getting W's in the first two games, since it may take a few games for the Cats to discover what they do best and with whom.  And without a clear leader at QB, whoever starts will not have the benefit of the number of reps that Stoops and Brown would prefer him to have had.  But if those playmakers materialize and if one of these QB combatants takes ownership of the position, this offense should really start to click in the second half of the season.


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