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May 11th 2012

Post a comment  Noel says he has not heard from NCAA and will graduate
CBS New York:  Calipari thinks Kidd-Gilchrist should be drafted #2 overall
Yahoo Sports/Jeff Eisenberg:  no reason to think Noel's eligibility will be affected
Yahoo! Sports/Pat Forde:  Forde's take on UK-IU scheduling impasse
ESPN:  Kentucky assistant ranked number one  Did Calipari cryptically tweet to NY Times Thamel?
Vaught's Views:'s Evan Daniels says nothing to worry about with UK/recruiting situation
CBS Sports:  Recruits inner circles NOT Kentucky's problem... they are everyone's problem
KSR:  A plea to recruit Julius Mays
NBC Sports:  Big 10 and Kentucky lead in attendance this past season in college basketball
Charlotte Observer:  Top candidates as to who COULD be coaching Anthony Davis come NBA Draft time
Sporting News:  Louisville looking at greener pastures -- Big 12, ACC
ESPN: Is there hope for progress for the one-and-done rule?

FOOTBALL  Lofty expectations for Joker Phillips' Wildcats this season?
CBS Sports:  Burning questions around the SEC...for Cats, will they play freshman QB?
Bleed Blue Kentucky:  Responding to CBS Sports; Towles IS Kentucky's future

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


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