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January 11th 2013

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Herald Leader/Mark Story:  Kentucky zones out in second half in bizarre game
KSR:  Cauley-Stein says team 'reverted back' in second half
Vaught's Views:  Could win at Commodores hurt UK?
WDRB/Rick Bozich:  Whether it was luckt or happy UK happy to leave Nashville with 'W'  Cats win ugly in conference opener
Big Blue Insider/Dick Gabriel:  Wildcats survive
UK Athletics:  Instant reaction as Kentucky holds on at Vandy
A Sea of Blue breaks down all the action of Kentucky/Vanderbilt

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


Greg Edwards said...

Hey Tom,

Why no coverage of our #6 Women's BBall team?
If we are going to get this program built up to national prominence and keep it there, we need media coverage.

posted at 8:49 AM on Jan 11th 2013

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