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November 21st 2013

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Courier-Journal: Three Wildcats suspended
A Sea of Blue: What chance does Kentucky stand against the Dawgs?
UK Athletics: UK travels to Georgia
KSR: Raymond Sanders dismissed from the team
NextCats: Barker and two other top recruits sign their financial aid papers
Vaught's Views: Brown likes veteran leadership & believes it's helping younger players
247 Sports: Players to watch on Saturday

read Tom and Mike DeCourcy's take on basketball fouls and a UK-UGA preview here
John Clay: Julius Randle and his five-game flying start
Herald Leader: Three Cats, two Cards named to Naismith watch list
Nation of Blue: Calipari to the Knicks rumors are starting
Bleacher Report: 5 Positive signs from Kentucky's start in 2013-2014


Karyn Esser said...

In regards to the story about the older woman with memory issues and Cameron Mills: she may not remember specifics but she does have positive emotional memories associated with the UK basketball team. I don't think her comment about "thanks for the memories" was a joke but she truly meant it. She just can't put names to faces but she still has that good association.

posted at 10:22 AM on Nov 22nd 2013

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