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June 28th 2011

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"The Leach Report" Radio Show Highlights: Tuesday, June 8,  2011

Tom started today's show with a conversation about John Calipari's contract extension with John Pennington of MrSEC.com.

"I think it's a great move for Kentucky," Pennington exclaimed. He compared what Nick Saban has done for Alabama football is similar to what Calipari is doing for Kentucky basketball.

Ira Combs of CombsBrothersOnKySports.com seems to agree with Pennington that Calipari's contract is money well spent. He then went on to comment on  football and the upcoming game with Louisville.

"Over the years, I think the series has done a whole lot more for Louisville," Combs explained. He thinks that a match-up with Virginia Tech, Penn State, or Miami (Fl.) would benefit UK's program more than the annual Louisville game.

Combs also expressed both excitement and optimism when speaking on the rest of the football season. "I think the defense is going to be carrying this team," Combs said. If UK can fight their way through the first six games with a record of 3-3, Combs believe UK has a chance of keeping the bowl streak alive.

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--Audra Thomas


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