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July 5th 2011

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"The Leach Report" Radio Show Highlight: Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Tuesday edition of The Leach Report featured Tom and Larry Vaught of VaughtsViews.com talking about the Mount Rushmore of UK basketball, plus a little football recruiting talk.

Tom picked Adolf Rupp, Cawood Ledford, Dan Issel, and Jack Givens. He picked Issel for being the all-time leader scorer, and Givens for helping UK break the color barrier. Tom also commended Givens for shedding a spotlight on Kentucky high school basketball.

Vaught agreed with Rupp, Issel, and Givens but would like to add Bill Keightley as well. "To me, Bill kind of represents all those players," Pratt explained.

Some listeners wanted to add Jamal Mashburn, Kenny Walker, Patrick Patterson, John Wall, Joe B. Hall, Rick Pitino, and John Calipari to the list. Tom then made a case for Tony Delk and Kyle Macy.

Vaught also spoke about Bowling Green offensive linemen, Joe Manley. He said that Manley's choices are down to Louisville and Kentucky. "You might see him commit before the week is over," Vaught stated.

Click here to listen to the complete interviews via the podcast and listen live each Monday-Friday at 12:06pm eastern via www.talkradio1080.com.

--Audra Thomas


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