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July 13th 2011

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"The Leach Report" Radio Show Highlights: Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's guest was UK co-defensive coordinator, Rick Minter. He and Tom spoke about Minter's coaching background and the upcoming football season.

"I've just found a way to do a voice over track and just narrate, if you will," Minter explained when asked about spring practice tapes. He believes his narration helps his players get a better grasp of the schemes he is trying to implement. Minter also noted that there is no way to track how often his players are studying the film, but he continues to receive positive reports from off-season workouts.

Tom received some e-mail questions about the linebackers. "Avery is, I think, a captain-like type young man in the waiting," Minter boasted about the sophomore, Avery Williamson. Minter thinks he will be a future star behind Ronnie Sneed.

"He's doing excellent academically this summer," Minter exclaimed about DT Mister Cobble. Cobble is also on schedule to recover from his shoulder injury.

Minter explained how he grew up as traditionalist when it came to defense. But, after his break from coaching in 2007, he realized that he needed to broaden his defensive approaches. "So you have to learn how to adjust and adapt like anything in life if you're going to survive," Minter said. He revealed that multiple schemes, such as 3-man and 4-man fronts, should be expected for UK this season and that blitzing will be a bigger part of their approach as well.

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--Audra Thomas


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