"Leach Report" Review

September 21st 2011

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"The Leach Report" Radio Show Highlights: Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tom spoke with John Pennington of MrSEC.com and VaughtsViews.com's Larry Vaught.

Pennington discussed SEC expansion at length. He revealed that WVU has been rejected by both the SEC and ACC. "West Virginia is a perfect fit for the SEC in terms of culture, in terms of fan support," Pennington explain. But WVU doesn't offer a great money factor.

Vaught talked about the offense of the UK football team and the fan-base. "What do you do when you can't run one week, and you can't throw because the guys are dropping," Vaught inquired.

Click here to listen to the complete interviews via the podcast and listen live each Monday-Friday at 12:06pm eastern via www.talkradio1080.com.

--Audra Thomas


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