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May 31st 2011

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"The Leach Report" Radio Show Highlights: Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today's Leach Report kicked off with a live stream of the SEC meetings featuring Coach John Calipari. One of the commentators brought up doing away with the division format of  men's basketball, but Calipari only seemed to be concerned with getting higher seeding for SEC teams. "My belief is, what gets you the highest, what moves the needle more than anything else, is non-conference strength of schedule and high RPI (non-conference)," Calipari explained. Also, Calipari briefly commented on the new addition of the charge arc underneath the basket, "The way we drive the ball, it's a benefit to us."

Next, fresh from vacation, Mr. John Pennington of MrSEC.com joined us once again and gave us a little bit of insight on the Ohio State coaching situation. Tom asked Pennington if he thought former Florida football coach Urban Meyer would take the OSU job. Pennington replied, "No, I do not." He attributed his opinion to Meyer's health problems and his desire for a life outside of football.

As promised, Robbie Speer of Sports Reach USA returned to speak about his time in China with Eloy Vargas. Speer commended Vargas for his athleticism and improvement on rebounding with two hands. "He played much better on these trips, I thought, than he did during the year," Speer praised.

The show wrapped up with Larry Vaught of VaughtsViews.com. Vaught first spoke on Calipari firing back at the media on Twitter. "Whether you like or dislike Cal, I will give him credit that he kind of fights back and doesn't take things passively," Vaught said.

This weekend, we received some news about former UK player Derrick Jasper accepting a position on Billy Gillispie's staff at Texas Tech. Vaught expressed his surprise with this story, "I would've never thought about him re-joining Billy's staff."

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--Audra Thomas


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