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October 22nd 2012

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KSR:  If Kansas State could compete, so should Kentucky
Herald Leader/Jennifer Smith:  Wildcats still have a lot to play for
ESPN: Bowl projections for the SEC

BASKETBALL  Notes from weekend's practice PLUS coach's analysis on how things are going
Zags Blog:  Julius Randle's mom says her son could play with Lee at UK
Herald Leader/Jerry Tipton:  writer makes picks for preseason All-SEC and league race

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


Rose said...

Watching the game Saturday after 5 minutes of play I looked at my husband and said it looks like we have a football team today. He agreed. It was the best feeling this year for the football team. I've never give up on them and I won't give up. Even with the injuries we have suffered this year when one door closes another one opens and we've took a bit longer than most hoped but it seems that we are finally jelling and working as one. GO CATS!

posted at 9:31 AM on Oct 22nd 2012

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