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April 8th 2013

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vaughts views:  Dakari Johnson leads his team to HS title  Jeff Sheppard, Julius Mays kick off "school is cool" tour  coach Cal talks about why he's a Jerry Tarkanian fan
Herald Leader/John Clay:  Rick Pitino has coaching skills have gone unchaged
KSR:  Mashburn to be given honorary doctorate 
Sporting News breaks down each positional matchup between Michigan and Louisville

FOOTBALL  Phil Steele's preseason top 26 features 5 UK opponents  VIDEO interviews w/ Clemons, Zadarius Smith, coach Morrow
Vaught's Views:  Reese Phillips weighs in on QB competition

Herald Leader:  LSU takes down Bat Cats

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


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July 23rd, 2006
the Joe B. & Denny Show starting airing live in Lexington. The former rival...
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FB:  v. UT-Martin
Saturday, August 30
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