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October 12th 2013

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Click here to read Tom's preview of the Kentucky-Alabama game
Bleacher Report: Alabama vs. Kentucky: why outcome of game is key for recruiting
A Sea of Blue: Kentucky vs. Alabama Q&A with Roll 'Bama Roll
Herald Leader: Stoops won't sugarcoat Alabama
Courier-Journal: Top ranked Alabama will challenge Wildcats' growth trend
Courier & Press: UK's Stoops cannot find weakness in Crimson Tide
Herald Leader: John Clay: Saban influence seen in Stoops' moves at Kentucky
All Alabama: Kentucky's air raid 2.0 will be a  different test for Alabama secondary
AL: A look at the key matchups, factors for Alabama at Kentucky

Herald Leader: Willis concedes his goals at UK are more long term
Kentucky: Calipari says young Cats are jelling already
A Sea of Blue: Calipari's comments to Lexington rotary contain uplifting comments
Coach Cal: Wildcat Code: In the UK basketball program, everything is earned
ESPN: Coach Stevens talk Rajon Rondo on Rome

UK Athletics: Womens soccer 4-1 win over UT

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


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