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February 17th 2013

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KSR asks what do you fix first; offense or defense
Vaught's Views:  2 ways Cats can look at this says Calipari
WDRB/Eric Crawford:  Cats crash hard on Rocky Top
Herald Leader/John Clay:  Kentucky lacked Noel and a whole lot more in Knoxville
Courier Journal/Adam Himmelsbach:  Some Cats just never grow up
Sporting News:  Life without Nerlens off to EMBARRASSING start
Herald Leader:  Kentucky gets thrashed by Tennessee
NBC Sports:  Without Noel, UK loses by 30 to Vols  Volunteers run all over Kentucky
A Sea of Blue breaks down loss in Knoxville
CBS Sports/Jeff Goodman says after Cats loss, UK looks like an NIT squad
ESPN/Dana O'neil: Saturday's observations, UK hurts shot at making NCAA tourney

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


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