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March 25th 2012

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Nation of Blue:  Pep Talk before the UK faces off with Baylor
Vaught's Views:  Baylor has talent but not "up to par" with Kentucky
Herald Leader/John Clay:  5 things to watch for as Cats face off with Bears
Herald Leader/Jerry Tipton:  Fatigue and Baylor zone biggest obstacles facing UK in Elite 8 match up Lindsey:  Baylor has the horses to run with Cats
Courier Journal:  Cats/Bears share similar DNA
Herald Leader/John Clay:  Kentucky/Baylor has an All-Star game feel
ESPN/Andy Katz:  See key match ups in this Cats/Bears preview
Waco Tribune:  Baylor's Acy cannot shy away from Anthony Davis
Vaught's Views:  No rest for the wary, Teague focused on National Title
Chicago Tribune:  Anthony Davis growing into stardom Ramsey:  Darius Miller has been a 'big brother' for Cats in tourney
Herald Leader/Mark Story:  Lamb coming up big in tourney play
Courier Journal/Rick Bozich:  Cat freshman have poise
KSR:  Before talking Final Four rematch with U of L...let's not forget about the Baylor Bears
Courier Journal/Eric Crawford:  Rick Pitino on possibly facing off with Wildcats in Final Four
CBS Sports:  Louisville sets up possible 'epic' Final Four match up
Courier Journal:  Pitino says Cats/Cards Final Four match up would be 'awesome'
NBC Sports:  Florida has no one to blame for collapse but itself

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