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October 27th 2013

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Vaught's View: Broncos counting on Woodyard's return to help against Washington
Herald Leader: Air raid will have more weapons
John Clay: Reasons for optimism during UK football's growing pains
Kentucky: Kentucky learning the hard way about SEC's slim margin for error
A Sea of Blue: UK Football: Visualizing Progress

Sports Injury Alert: Grizzlies Tayshaun prince loses 12-15 pounds due to stomach ailment
Kentucky Sports Radio: Davis poised for breakout season in New Orleans
KSR: Cousins and Patterson show improvement in preseason
KSR: Metric stats agree Kentucky is nations top team 
Vaught's Views: Andrew Wiggins we can be great the best team in the country
Vaught's Views: Dakar Johnson wants to be a presence in the paint for Kentucky
Herald Leader: Mark Story: 'Bad Boys' could threaten Calpari's Cats
Kentucky:  UK notebook: Through mist-colored glasses

PHOTO COURTESY: Victoria Graff


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