Tom's Take: Goose Givens on the Cats

January 27th 2012

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"They win the right way."
And what Jack "Goose" Givens meant was how this Kentucky basketball team wins first with its defense.  On today's "Leach Report" radio show, Givens said that's how it was for the 1978 national title team which he helped lead.  "We were a defensive-minded team first and this team is the same way."  Givens says we would like to see the Cats become "more proficient" on offense between now and tournament time because there will be nights when the opponents make shots even they are well-defended and Kentucky will have to "outscore" them.
We also talked with former LSU coach Dale Brown, who raved about the play of Christian County product Anthony Hickey at LSU.  And ESPN's Carter Blackburn said Hickey gives the Tigers a "toughness they didn't have the last couple of years." 
Blackburn says one of his big questions about the Cats is whose game will improve the most between now and March, like Brandon Knight's did last season.  He said Jones is "the obvious candidate" and "if he does, watch out."


William Boling said...

I would like to see players that commit Flagrant 2 fouls taken out of at least 5 games after the action. This type of fouling is going to get someone hurt badly.

posted at 5:53 PM on Jan 30th 2012

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