Tom's Take: survival at Memorial

January 11th 2013

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Remember all those close losses two years ago in SEC play?  Think about that for a second and it puts in perspective the significance of just surviving last night at Vanderbilt.  Yes, it's a mediocre Vandy team but young teams--until they mature--sometimes lose road games to inferior opponents and any night you can avoid doing that at this time of the season is a good night.  Kentucky handled the zones from Louisville and Eastern Michigan because they had one or two three-point shooters stretching the defense out in Wiltjer and Mays.  With those two firing blanks in this game, the offense bogged down.  To make enough plays to survive in that situation is a major positive.  The team two years ago didn't find its groove until late February and until then, lost six league games. This one can't afford to do that and still hope to get the four-seed that the 2011 squad achieved so that's why this win was so big--no matter how it looked.


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