Tom's Take: Teague time

January 18th 2012

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I could gush about Anthony Davis' play and blocked shot record and it would be merited but to me, the most exciting storyline for Cat fans in the 86-63 win over Arkansas was the play of point guard Marquis Teague.  For Kentucky to reach its goals, most analysts have said Teague needs to elevate his play.  That's true but it was also true at this time of Brandon Knight and to a lesser extent of John Wall, so the track record would suggest Teague will get it done.  And this performance was a major step forward.  Teague was a pass-first point guard from start to finish and that hasn't been the case to this point.  He was magnificent in setting up teammates and in recognizing how to control the tempo like great point guards do.  The shots he took were late in the shot clock when his ability to take his man off the dribble becomes a key asset--one that is especially important to have in March, when the games tend to slow down and defenses get better the deeper you go into the tournament.  He'll have to start stringing these kinds of performances together but the Big Blue Nation should be resting easier now on the topic of point guard play.


Blenheimbard said...

It's funny how our memories work. In our mind's eye we compare this year's freshman PG (Teague) with his predecessors (knight and Wall). But what we see is the finished product of Knight and Wall and compare it with the work in progress of Teague. Only when we are reminded to we realize how they looked at this point of the season, and even then the image is fuzzy.
Yet when we look at the numbers, lo' and behold, Teague is actually ahead of where both Knight and Wall at this point of the season.
Let's hope next fall we are raising #8, while we are wondering if the new guy can "cut it" as he struggles through the transition from playing prep ball to playing for the Cats. :-)

posted at 10:33 PM on Jan 19th 2012

Gary Kuchenbrod said...

I really like this guy a lot better than Brandon Knight. Just proves that you don't have to be a prolific scorer to be a great point guard!

posted at 1:15 PM on Jan 18th 2012

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