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April 24th 2012

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Bleed Blue Kentucky:  A look at how Darius Miller should do at the next level
Vaught's Views:  Former LSU coach raves about Anthony Davis
CoachCal.com:  Latest post from Coach Calipari.  See who he met with on Monday
NBC Sports:  Making bygones be bygones, Terrence Jones delivers flowers to U of L cheerleader
A Sea of Blue:  Would a change to the one-and-done rule affect Kentucky greatly?
ESPN/Dick Vitale:  Louisville number 1, Kentucky number 2 heading into summer
Bleed Blue Kentucky:  Looking at the next crop of could be Cats
Herald Leader/John Clay:  Kentucky has expressed interest about Xavier transfer
ESPN:  Bruins edge Cats for number one recruiting class
A Sea of Blue:  Recruit Parker chooses UCLA.  How good will the Bruins be this coming season?
UK Athletics: Reflecting on a tremendous year in Kentucky Sports at the Catspys

ESPN:  One last look at the spring game from ESPN's SEC blogger Chris Low's point of view
Herald Leader:  Caffey's quick feet make an asset to the Wildcat defense

Herald Leader:  Bat Cats claim number one spot in this week's rankings
Courier Journal:  Both UK, U of L not relying on history for the coming matchup

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


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