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February 5th 2013

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Herald Leader:  UK shows improvement but Cal wants more
NBC Sports:  Kentucky tops list as tourney team that could make a run in March
CoachCal.com:  Cats still searching for team identity
WDRB/Eric Crawford says soft schedule is giving UK time to work out kinks
UK Athletics:  Wildcats still a work in progress on physical front
A Sea of Blue says UK beginning to show pace sensitivity
Vaught's Views:  Wiltjer talks on adversity, keeping momentum and physical play
Sporting News puts Kentucky as 11-seed
ESPN: Looking at the hype of freshman 
NBC:  Cousins ejected at halftime in Kings' game
Greenvilleonline.com:  Martin says defense regressed in loss to Georgia

kentuckysports.com:  WR Timmons set to announce today for UK or Florida
kentuckysports.com/Mark Story:   DB recruit Hytchye is a salesman for UK

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


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