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March 5th 2013

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Herald Leader:  Wildcats still have A LOT to play for
CoachCal.com:  Robic says Wildcats must right the ship this week
A Sea of Blue says this team loves to win but doesn't hate to lose
Vaught's Views:  Calipari says Cats have the talent to finish strong
KSR looks at the emotional state of #BBN
CBS Sports looks at conference tourney's and projects Cats to make a run
Sporting News says UK makes tourney as of now, but losses this week will change that
NBC Sports says Kentucky on outside looking in on NCAA latest bracket
Macon Telegraph:  Georgia playing for SEC Tourney seeding
kentucky.com/John Clay says SI's March Madness salute lacks UK pictures

UK Athletics:  Nearly 31-thousand tickets have been distributed for Spring Game

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


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