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June 25th 2013

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UK Athletics:  Kyle Wiltjer's letter to UK fans
ESPN/Andy Katz says several west coast schools + Texas will pursue Wiltjer
CoachCal.com:  Calipari wishes luck to Kyle Wiltjer as he contemplates transfer
Herald Leader/Jerry Tipton compares this team to his first team in Lexington
ESPN:  NCAA panel approves expansion of replay, other rule tweaks
ESPN/Dana O'neil: Lure to NBA changes college coach's recruiting pitch
CBS Sports:  Nerlens Noel among those in the green room on NBA Draft night
Vaught's Views:  Calipari believes Goodwin can still be a first round pick
ESPN:  Chad Ford, Jay Bilas debate draft topics including Noel

WDRB/Eric Crawford compares Bobby Petrino and Mark Stoops hires
ESPN looks at the good and bad as Kentucky readies for fall
A Sea Of Blue looks at why Joker Phillips had to go
KSR:  Kentucky continues to rake in recruits

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


LACatFanBob said...

If we lose Wiltjer our chances of winning number 9 are greatly diminished.

Louisville doesn't beat Michigan without Luke Hancock in this year's championship and the Heat don't beat the Spurs in game 7 without (I hate to say it) Shane Battier.

We need Wiltjer's 3 point shooting.

posted at 1:24 PM on Jun 25th 2013

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