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March 30th 2011

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CBS Sports' Matt Jones says Final Four should change the Calipari narrative  President Obama congratulates the Cats on ABC  Calipari asks fans to give his team some space in Houston
Fox's Jeff Goodman:  Calipari's brilliance has UK in the Final Four Leach:  former G'town coach Thompson impressed with Cats  Liggins plans to make UConn's Walker work harder this time
SportingNews:  Jay-Z could be in trouble w/ NBA for visit to UK locker room
VaughtsViews:  Jones scoring less but helping UK win games's Mark Story:  Cats offer an assortment of inspirational stories
Fox Sports:  Coach Cal's mailbag  Harrelson credits Kanter for improvement this season says coach Cal is the best "manager" in the college game
Nation of Blue:  future Cats and future Cards square off at McDonald's game
courier-journal:  Joker likes how position changes in the secondary are looking
photo by Victoria Graff


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