Wednesday Wildcat Links

April 4th 2012

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KSR: Number eight's Wednesday news & views
KSR: The religion of blue
KSR: BBN paints UT's Rock blue
KSR: Relive the 40 minutes
KSR: Who are you the most excited for?
Vaughts Views: Calipari to Rupp Arena fans: "You never cease to amaze me"
Vaughts Views: Darius Miller never envisioned this ending at Kentucky when he was a freshman
Vaughts Views: See how excited actress Ashley Judd got at game, and how her husband, Dario Franchitti, enjoyed national title win
Vaughts Views: Kansas coach Bill Self praises Kentucky coach John Calipari Packed house watches Kentucky raise banner No. 8 Obama calls Calipari to congratulate Cats
John Clay's Sideline: Calipari clearly top of coaching list over last five years
Courier Journal: More than 50 arrested in Lexington after Kentucky championship
A Sea of Blue: Final Four Diary--Leaving the big easy
Los Angeles Times: John Calipari aims to find the next batch of Kentucky Wildcats Cats on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Photo Courtesy: Victoria Graff


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