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June 26th 2013

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CSNNW:  sources tell reporter that Wiltjer will end up at Gonzaga (h/t KSR)  Noel shakes off critics
Big Blue Insider/Dick Gabriel says history not in Wiljer's favor in deciding to transfer
Herald Leader/John Clay:  Wiljter had good reasons to stay, but better reasons to go
Sporting News/Mike Decourcy says Wiltjer has 12 months to become a body builder
WDRB/Rick Bozich says there isn't a huge issue with transfers in college hoops culture
MrSEC writes that without Wiltjer, UK's National Title hopes take a hit
Vaught's Views:  Coach Cal expects interesting season on horizon
NBC Sports:  Report looks at success rate of first round picks since 2003
CBS Sports:  UK, Duke and more in contention for top five recruit in 2015

ESPN looks at three year trends for SEC East

PHOTO COURTESY:  Victoria Graff


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