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December 18th 2013

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BASKETBALL  Calipari urges patience for himself and BBN
A Sea of Blue: Why is Rupp Arena attendance declining?
John Clay: More discussion on falling Rupp Arena attendance
KSR: Scheduling for a young team: You can’t have your cake and eat it too
SB Nation: "Camp Cal" is coming to town
Vaught's Views: NBAdraftblog’s Ed Isaacson on UK freshmen Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee 
Courier Journal: NBA projections fall for star-studded lineup
Kentucky Sports Radio: Match-ups to watch against Belmont
CBS/Gary Parrish says preseason polls, ratings have value
LostLetterman:  UK replacing Duke as college basketball's most-hated team
SportingNews latest NBA evaluations on Randle, other top frosh

Courier Journal: Area football teams expected to sign JUCO players
Rants Sports: Transfers make room for better talent

PHOTO COURTESY: Victoria Graff


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